3-year-old boy to escape the injection from the clinic flee barefoot 1 mile

The child sees the doctor out of the needle
Yesterday, who lives in Xinmi City Administration Road 3-year-old boy Xiao Bao, because the sick was brought to the clinic to see a doctor. Lying on the bed of the small treasure, see the doctor out of the needle, scared even the shoes are not attend to wear, jump off the bed and ran. Fled to the clinic 1 in the East Street and North Mi New Road intersection, was on duty traffic police found. See my mother after the treasure refused to go back, the little guy of this move, the crowd laughing. 3-year-old boy to avoid the injection from the clinic fleeing at 8:45 yesterday, Xinmi City traffic police brigade six squadron police Liang Jiandong, Chen Xiaolei, Zhao Songpeng three people, in the East Avenue and North Mi New Road intersection northwest corner of the May Fourth Square On duty, a little boy barefoot, crying along the East Main Street from west to east ran over. At this time when the traffic peak, see the little guy running around in the traffic, Liang Jiandong quickly came forward to hold him on the roadside. Ten minutes later, a woman carrying a pair of sandals came to reach out to hold the boy, but was forced to push the little boy excitedly. "Little guy just crying 'no injections'." Police Liang Jiandong said that in order to find the child's parents, he reported to the 110 command center through the radio. Soon, the boy's mother took the shoes to catch up. Boy's mother Wei told the police, they live in a district of administrative road. Morning sick son to the district near the clinic to see a doctor, the child saw the doctor out of the needle, very afraid. While the doctor took the drug machine, he jumped out of the bed and ran. So she chased out, Xiaobao has no trace. Thanks to the traffic police found in time to stop, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Expert Weapon let the baby overcome the fear of the injection doctor said that the baby to two or three years old, there is a sense of knowing what they are doing. Especially when going to the hospital, see the doctor on the fear, and even see the white coat to cry, not to mention the injection it? How to overcome the baby's fear of injection? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed the case of the provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital children's psychological behavior center Duan Guiqin director. Duan Guiqin said that children are afraid of the disease is a normal reaction. As a doctor, should try to avoid the needle to the child, can open the medication as far as possible to open medication. For injections must be in the injection, the parents want to find ways to transfer the child's attention, such as with a baby usually did not play the toys or a cartoon album for children to see. If there is no children next to the injection of children, but also to encourage the baby. To reduce the baby's pain, parents can force the child's body, which can transfer the baby's attention. In addition, in daily life, do not use injections to threaten and frighten children. Parents can buy some toys such as stethoscope and syringe and other medical equipment, so that children dressed as doctors, parents dressed as patients, play with the game, in order to dispel the child on the doctors and syringes and other medical equipment psychological fear. But also allow children to see some of the cartoon cartoon cartoon surgery and video, so that children understand the importance of injection disease, encourage children to face bravely.

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